Glacier Direct Primary Care

Your Doctor CAN see you now


Glacier DPC is a Primary Care facility and Dr. Tabor-Manaker is a Board-Certified Family Physician. Services provided include health and wellness care through same day and next day visits, wellness exams and physicals, hospital follow-up exams, as well as referrals to specialists when needed.


Care may be obtained through office visits, phone calls, Tele-medicine (including emails and text messaging), and even house calls.


Dr. Tabor-Manaker is excited to deliver thorough care through an easier and direct manner. In a time when navigating the healthcare road has become complicated, Glacier DPC is a return to simple, patient-centered medicine.

Members will have timely access to:

Wellness exams

Telemedicine visits

Trigger point injections

Mental health and wellness

Labs and immunizations

Urgent care visits

Laceration repair

Hospital follow-up visits

Cash pay visits for visiting relatives/friends

Chronic disease management

Joint injection

Pap smears

UA, Rapid Strep and Pregnancy tests

Skin excision and biopsy*

* cost of pathology not included