Dear Prospective Glacier DPC Patient,


I would like to explain the enrollment section of this site.  The enrollment section could take upto 30 minutes but you can pause and return later.  Upon beginning to enroll, you are actually starting to enter information into the electronic medical records (EHR) system that will be used for your chart at Glacier DPC.  The electronic record is secure. It is a system used across the country and was built by direct primary care doctors for direct primary care doctors. The enrollment appears lengthy but is really only 2 pages of medical history if on paper.  If you could fill it out here- to get your chart started- that is very helpful to keep overhead low and it will give you more time during your consultation to visit with Dr. Tabor-Manaker vs. fill out paperwork. If you prefer a paper copy, let us know and one can be sent to you either via electronic or standard mail.


After the entering of the medical history there is a section you must click indicating you agree to the terms of the patient agreement.  The patient agreement is there to read and the box must be clicked to continue the enrollment however THE PATIENT AGREEMENT IS NOT OFFICIALLY IN  EFFECT UNTIL BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO THE MEMBERSHIP AND THE AGREEMENT IS SIGNED IN PEN BY BOTH PARTIES. This will take place at or after the consultation you  have with me. There is also a section to enter credit card information. It is most helpful, and again cuts down on overhead, if this information is entered at the time of electronic enrollment.   Again , the information is secure. Should you not become a member after your consultation visit- you will be refunded immediately for any fees charged by my company and your private information will be taken out of my system.  


I am very excited to be starting my own medical practice.  Being a business owner is new to me but exciting! Being a physician is not new- and you can expect the same  high-quality care I have always been able to provide. You and I both will likely have many questions as we travel this road together.  Should you have any questions on the information noted here- please contact me by phone or email and I would be happy to help you.



Lexi Tabor-Manaker, M.D.